Avalon Palm Springs Same sex LGBTQ Wedding Photography
Christine Arnold Photography in Palm Springs

Avalon Palm Springs Same sex LGBTQ Wedding Photography

Same Sex wedding at the gorgeous boutique hotel in Palm Springs, the Avalon (formerly Viceroy) is a perfect venue for weddings. Very private and intimate and VERY stylish. Philip and Ryan were the BEST, Philip looking so dapper in his grey suit with his pocket square made out of a piece of lace from his mothers wedding dress and Ryan in his khaki linen slacks and couture white linen coat with military influences in the details. both with their gorgeous yellow rose boutonnières all provided by Artisan Events and Floral Decor. Such beautiful back drop for weddings, the Avalon cabana with the Palm Springs mountains in the background. I loved all the personal touches Philip and Ryan put into their wedding, they said they basically wanted a swanky cocktail party and I think they hit the mark! Their dinner was a choice of various stations, with open seating so guests could sit with whomever they wanted and were able to visit with old friends and make new ones.

In this delightful photograph, two grooms are captured in a moment of anticipation and joy, set against the picturesque backdrop of a Palm Springs wedding venue. The lush garden setting, with its meticulously maintained greenery and elegant decor, speaks to a day filled with love, celebration, and the promise of a beautiful life together.

The two grooms stand at the entrance of a charming garden aisle, flanked by two stately white statues of dogs, which add a whimsical yet sophisticated touch to the scene. Their attire is both stylish and complementary, reflecting their personalities and the relaxed yet refined atmosphere of the event.

The groom on the left exudes a suave and debonair charm in a sleek, light grey suit. The tailored fit accentuates his form, and the crisp white shirt underneath adds a touch of classic elegance. A vibrant yellow boutonnière pinned to his lapel injects a burst of color, symbolizing joy and new beginnings. He leans casually against one of the statues, his pose relaxed and confident, suggesting a man at ease and in his element.

The groom on the right offers a delightful contrast in a white, military-inspired jacket with brass buttons, paired with light beige trousers. This ensemble blends formality with a breezy, Palm Springs vibe. His boutonnière mirrors the yellow of his partner's, creating a harmonious visual link between them. His posture, with one hand resting on the statue and a slight lean, conveys a sense of calm and contentment, his gaze perhaps lost in thoughts of the day ahead.

Behind them, the garden stretches out in a symphony of green, with perfectly manicured hedges and a verdant lawn leading to a charming gazebo adorned with a white canopy. The canopy, accented with delicate scalloped edges, adds a touch of vintage glamour to the setting. White chairs arranged neatly in rows suggest the imminence of guests arriving, ready to witness the couple's vows. The scene is brightened further by large, vibrant yellow decorative spheres placed strategically, adding pops of cheerful color that enhance the festive mood.

The backdrop of the photograph includes towering trees and flowering bushes, creating a natural, serene environment that feels both intimate and grand. The distant mountains rising majestically beyond the garden add a sense of scale and grandeur, grounding the idyllic scene in the stunning landscape of Palm Springs.

The overall composition of the photograph is beautifully balanced, with the two grooms framing the entrance and drawing the viewer's eye down the aisle to the gazebo, the focal point of the upcoming ceremony. The light is soft and flattering, casting gentle shadows that add depth and warmth to the image, while the vibrant greenery and splashes of yellow create a lively, celebratory atmosphere.

This photograph not only captures the elegance and beauty of a Palm Springs garden wedding but also the unique style and connection of the two grooms. Their choice of attire, their relaxed poses, and the thoughtful details of the setting all come together to tell a story of love, individuality, and the joyous celebration of their union. It’s a timeless image that conveys the essence of their special day, filled with anticipation, beauty, and the promise of a wonderful future together.

Location: 415 S Belardo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262.

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