Elopement photography Palm Springs ca.
Christine Arnold Photography in Palm Springs

Elopement photography Palm Springs ca.

Palm Springs Elopements are some of my favorite types of weddings to photograph. Lena and Patrick chose to elope to PS and we had so much fun. First of all, its the first time I was a witness to someones wedding! Like I had to sign the paperwork and everything, it was kind of nerve wracking! These two were hysterical, always laughing and joking and having a good time. So first we took care of the ceremony part... we decided together that the citrus courtyard was the best spot for the ceremony in terms of light and backdrop. They had a super fun and quick little ceremony, then, instead of "cutting the cake", they instead fed each other their favorite vegan cookie from a bakery in Los Angeles.

Then we really got to have some fun, we started to just wander the property together. Whenever either they, or I saw a spot that had potential for pretty portraits, we would stop and play a while. These two were very silly and open to any fun and "outside the box" type ideas. We happened on a fruit tree and Lena grabbed a couple of oranges and they decided to feed each other. Fun!! and can you say you've ever seen another couples wedding day portraits that look exactly like yours? These guys have some unique and creative memories of their adorable elopement at Korakia Pension.

Location: 257 S Patencio Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262.

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