Christian Louboutin bridal shoes, Korakia Palm Springs
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Christian Louboutin bridal shoes, Korakia Palm Springs

Lena and Patrick eloped to Palm Springs and we had so much fun documenting the excitement! Sometimes I have to pull double duty and act as the witness as well as the photographer! They got married at the Korakia Pensione in downtown Palm Springs California. They had a very sweet and fun little ceremony. Afterwards we spent almost an hour just wandering around the property creating some lovely portraits of the two of them on their special day. The sweet couple were so fun and easy going, they were up for anything and as a result we were able to make some really fun photographs. The Korakia Hotel is a gorgeous little Moroccan oasis right in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. So unexpected. Its truly a hidden gem. The brides shoes though, stunning! Christian Louboutin sparkly pumps. The signature red soles which make womens hearts flutter... they did not disappoint.

Location: 257 S Patencio Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262.

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