Same Sex La Quinta Hotel Elopement
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Same Sex La Quinta Hotel Elopement

These beautiful womean said "I Do" to each other in the gorgeous setting of La Quinta Hotel. Sallie Albertina officiated the very emotional elopement. The La Quinta Hotel and Resort is an absolutely gorgeous property. With the la quinta cove mountains as it's backdrop, the white spanish style buildings and iconic blue trim is stunning. There are several places for ceremonies to take place, but my favorite is in front on the dramatic fountain with the gorgeously manicured grounds and old growth trees .

Fun fact: Greta Garbo, Clark Gable and Shirley Temple all owned homes on the property in the Hollywood hey day! I have photographed a wedding in the courtyard of Greta Garbo's home, it's PERFECT for smaller, intimate weddings or even fabulous birthday parties.

The image captures a moment of tender connection between two women, bathed in a warm, sunlit glow. Standing in an intimate garden setting, the couple holds hands and gazes into each other's eyes with expressions of joy and affection. The vibrant greenery of the hedge behind them is interspersed with bursts of colorful flowers, suggesting a private, lush sanctuary. The light filtering through the foliage casts a dreamy, ethereal quality over the scene, further emphasized by the blurred pink and red hues framing the foreground, possibly petals or light leaks that give the photograph an artistic and romantic touch.

On the left, one woman is dressed in a sleek, all-white outfit. Her ensemble is stylish and modern, consisting of a crisp white shirt tucked into matching white pants. Her dark hair is pulled back neatly, accentuating her bright smile and the happiness radiating from her face. She looks at her partner with an expression of deep love and contentment, her posture relaxed yet purposeful, embodying a sense of unity and harmony.

On the right, the other woman wears a strapless, white dress with tiered ruffles that flow down to her knees. The dress is light and airy, perfect for the serene garden setting. Her wavy hair cascades softly over her shoulders, catching the sunlight and adding to her radiant appearance. She has a striking tattoo on her upper arm, a detailed floral design that adds a personal touch to her elegant look. Her gaze is tender and warm, filled with affection as she looks at her partner, their hands gently intertwined.

The background is a beautiful wall of greenery, a dense collection of leaves and climbing plants that create a natural, intimate backdrop. Interspersed among the green are vibrant flowers in shades of pink and red, adding pops of color that complement the scene's romantic atmosphere. The sunlight filters through the leaves, casting dappled shadows and enhancing the overall warmth and tranquility of the moment.

The blurred pink and red foreground elements create a frame that draws the viewer's eye towards the couple, adding depth to the photograph and emphasizing the intimacy of their connection. These colors could be out-of-focus flowers or light effects that add a dreamy, almost surreal quality to the image, enhancing the feeling of being in a secluded, magical garden.

This image beautifully captures a moment of profound love and connection between two individuals. The careful composition, with its play of light and color, not only highlights the couple's bond but also situates them in a vibrant, living setting that underscores the beauty of their relationship. The combination of their attire, the garden backdrop, and the artistic framing with blurred colors creates a timeless, romantic portrait that speaks to the joy and harmony of their shared moment.

Location: 49499 Eisenhower Dr, La Quinta, CA 92253.

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