Grooms portrait photographer Palm Springs California
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Grooms portrait photographer Palm Springs California

A simple and elegant boutonniere created by Artisan Events, using a white rose and a succulent, wrapped in decorative gold wire. Grooms time made out of fabric designed by the groom, using the couples custom wedding logo.

A boutonniere is a small floral decoration typically worn by men, especially on special occasions or formal events such as weddings, proms, or formal parties. It is traditionally attached to the lapel of a suit or tuxedo jacket.

A boutonniere is typically made up of a single flower or a small cluster of flowers, often accompanied by greenery or other decorative elements. The flowers used in a boutonniere can vary depending on personal preference and the overall theme or color scheme of the event. Common choices include roses, carnations, orchids, calla lilies, and small blooms like baby's breath.

The boutonniere is typically pinned to the left lapel of the jacket, near the heart. The stem of the flowers is usually secured with a pin or a small looped attachment called a "boutonniere pin." The flowers face upward, and the greenery or other decorative elements drape naturally.

The tradition of wearing a boutonniere dates back centuries and was initially associated with formal events and social occasions. It serves as a decorative accessory that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to a man's attire. The choice of flowers and design can be coordinated with other floral arrangements, such as the bride's bouquet or the floral decorations at the event venue, creating a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic.

Wearing a boutonniere has become a customary practice, particularly in formal or celebratory events. It serves as a symbol of honor, distinction, and celebration, often indicating the wearer's role or affiliation, such as a groom, groomsman, or special guest.

The boutonniere is a small but significant detail that adds a charming and personalized touch to a man's attire, complementing his overall look and contributing to the festive atmosphere of the occasion.

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