If you haven’t been by the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs, you are missing out.  This is such a gem. So stylish and swanky.  Pop by and have a drink at Sidebar, or dinner at Circa 59.  The hotel was revamped a few years ago, but still retails that fabulous “Old Hollywood” feel that made it such a popular destination back in the day.
Be sure to check out their website here:  http://www.psriviera.com/

I had a lovely chat with Patty Gleeson the other day, if you are thinking of having your wedding at Riviera, give Patty a call, she is so sweet!

This is a photograph of just one of the MANY amazing chandeliers throughout the property. This one is in the main ballroom and is original to the property.

Here is a blogpost from a wedding:  Jessica and Roberts Wedding

and some details from the grounds: Riviera Hotel Details


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