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About Chris Arnold

California Wedding Photographer

I’m Chris. As you have probably deduced, I’m a photographer, weddings primarily. I love weddings, there is so much love and joy and there are so many amazing moments to capture. I started my career 13 years ago, on *gasp* film. I now shoot digital, although from time to time I’ll shoot a roll or two of film… *just because*

“I love weddings.”

But you wanted to read all about me didn’t you? Hmm… Well, lets see. I’m married to my lovely husband Stefan, we have two dogs who rule our house - I'm a dog lover. I have a bit of an obsession with Starbucks…. and bacon. I've been photographing weddings for 15 years now and I'm still madly in love with the process. I’m super easy going and laid back and I will move mountains for my clients. I love everything about weddings, the emotion, the laughter, the anticipation and all the joy. I love to travel, so if you are having your wedding somewhere besides Palm Springs and you love me.. and come on, how could you NOT ;-) and my work, then WE..MUST..CHAT.. Drop me a line