JOSHUA TREE elopement ~ With weddings being such a challenge at the moment, an elopement or tiny wedding might be just the right option for you.  Restrictions are currently such that large gatherings are still not allowed, however an elopement offers you a ton of flexibility for your wedding.  For example, you can pick just about any day of the week!  You won’t find yourself under time constraints and having to hurry up to finish one thing so that you can rush to the next.  You won’t have the stress of trying to please everyone involved (or not involved) in your wedding.  You can pick your location!  Check out the images in this post, the couple decided on JOSHUA TREE National monument as their backdrop, from there is was just a matter of doing a little bit of walking around to find just the right spot for the ceremony.

For this elopement, it was just myself, the couple and the officiant which made moving around and getting the perfect angle for the ceremony a cinch. We then followed with the couples portraits which, again was fantastic because we were under no time constraints.

A Joshua Tree elopement might be just right for you too!  Check them out!
JOSHUA TREE elopement ceremony


Bride and groom elope to JOSHUA TREE

Couple gets married in JOSHUA TREE park

Bride with bouquet after elopement in JOSHUA TREE monument

Wedding details at JOSHUA TREE elopement ceremony

Bride and groom portraits in JOSHUA TREE Park

Gorgeous JOSHUA TREE as backdrop for portraits

Dramatic couples photos after elopement at JOSHUA TREE

Sweet couples photos in JOSHUA TREE

Sexy couples photos in JOSHUA TREE elopement

Portraits of couple in Joshua Tree

Black and white portraits after elopement in JOSHUA TREE National park

Joshua Tree National Park

Richard Cadieux Officiant

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