When you and your extended family vacation together in Palm Springs, a fabulous and colorful photo session is mandatory!! This lovely family contacted me fairly last minute and I’m SO glad I had the afternoon free, I had an absolute blast working with them! They could not have been more delightful and they really leaned into the “fun and color” aspect that compliments a holiday in Palm Springs.

Extended family pose casually in front of mountain backdrop in colorful clothing
Family group posing in colorful outfits in Palm Springs with a desert mountain backdrop.
Auntie and nieces pose smiling in colorful dresses
Auntie and her nieces, I LOVED their colorful wardrobe!
Adorable couple smiling happily for the camera
These two were so cute and fun!
Couple being silly and playful for the camera
I mean seriously! Love them!
Auntie and Uncle crouch to snuggle with their nieces for a smiling happy portrait
When your Auntie and Uncle are some of your favorite people… adorable!
Auntie and Uncle with nieces play it cool in sunglasses for this casual portrait
Now we have to play it cool. When in Palm Springs, be like…. well you get what I mean!
Grandma and Grandpa squeeze their grandaughters in front of a garden setting

Grandma and Grandpa could not be MORE proud of their beautiful granddaughters.

Grandparents standing and holding their nieces hands for a lovely casual pose.
Seriously, how cute are they??
Entire extended family stand on a quiet Palm Springs street for full generational photos
Palm Springs views do NOT disappoint!
Young sisters in vibrant orange and magenta dresses hold hands and walk down the street
Sistahs. So cute!
Young girl plays and twirls in the Palm Springs street.
Sometimes you just gotta twirl.
Cute couple in sunglasses being playful for their couples session
You guys, that Palm Springs mountain backdrop. Seriously!
Older couple, happily and joyous pose in front of a blush bougainvillea vine
Family have fun with their individual family portrait, being silly and playful with each other.
Couple pose for fun/candid portraits in front of dramatic mountain back drop.
Group photo of all the girls, beautiful maternal generation photo against dramatic desert backdrop
Entire family pose in the Palm Springs neighborhood, one closup image and one far away.
Family walking hand in hand towards the camera with moutains in the background
Grandparents stroll down the road with their adult kids, chatting and interacting
Mom and dad and two young girls stroll hand in hand, magenta pink dresses.
Parents stroll towards the camera with two young girls running out in front
The entire extended family stretched out across the street stroll towards the camera
The entire extended family gather around the pool in Palm Springs for casual photo

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