So as most of my fellow photographers know, once summer hits here in Palm Springs, weddings fall off drastically.  Nobody wants to put on a suit, or heavy wedding dress when it’s 1112 degrees right?  LOL!

So we typically have a couple of months of down time.  Obviously this is the opportunity to catch on things like, vacations, website updates etc.

I’ve decided to use a bit of my time on some fun creative ideas…  I love all those graphic tee shirts I see and thought it would be fun to make a few of my own.  Obviously I tend to gravitate to camera designs and graphics (gee I wonder why? :-), but I’ve been tinkering with a few fun and silly ideas besides cameras.  Take a look!  (link to my shop at the bottom of the post)

Vintage camera t-shirt design

Fun swirly design on a vintage camera

Film Canon Camera graphic t-shirt

Vintage Canon 35mm film camera

Fun vintage camera with rainbow design

Palm Springs vintage groovy retro design

You can never have to much love

Retro film Camera

Watercolor Union Jack graphic

Any Brits out there? Here’s a fun take on the Union Jack!

Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex

Rolleiflex, the gold standard of old school photography

Rock on!

Which one is your favorite? Here’s the link:

Palm Springs Tee Shirt Designs

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