Well ok, to say that I am VERY behind in my blogging is quite the understatement!  But here I am, catching up and it would be criminal not to post this Pioneertown Wedding.  Have I mentioned how very much I love these small, intimate weddings? Yes, I know I’m a broken record about it, but COME ON!  Just look at that vista, that gorgeous light, and look at how wonderful the small gathering is around the Joshua trees.  Kathy and John got married at Rimrock Ranch and I’m in love.  This location, the venue…  its all magnificent, top to bottom!  Lucky for me they chose their ceremony time close to sunset so I got that fantastic late afternoon desert light that is SO very yummy.

John of course looked so dapper in his suit, but can we discuss Kathy in her ADORABLE short red dress?  Is she not the cutest bride you ever set eyes on? Even with the slight chill in the air, she looked perfect.

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This wedding is particularly dear to me as it was for the family of a dear friend of mine who also happens to be a very accomplished and talented wedding coordinator.  Jessica and her family were absolutely delightful to work with and I was honored to be able to capture this lovely intimate wedding as well as the sweet dinner afterwards.

The tables capes were made by none other than Jessica herself and I thought they were so pretty with the lush greenery, punctuated by red and white flowers.  The gold accents in the flat ware, candle holders and on the cake were were just the perfect amount of “bling”.

The ceremony at Rimrock Ranch was perfect, just simple decor…  after all, you can’t really compete with the beauty of the desert landscapes in the high desert!  With the two Joshua trees to frame the ceremony area, just a couple of vases of flowers and rug were the perfect touches, don’t you think?   A wedding in Pioneertown will never be the wrong decision. 🙂

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