Colony 29 Wedding Photographer Palm Springs ceremony
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Colony 29 Wedding Photographer Palm Springs ceremony

Grooms portrait at Colony 29 in Palm Springs. Love the white jacket! Doesn't Rashad look like James Bond? I love the white jacket with the contrast of the black bow tie, so perfect! Rashad has the sweetest smile and I'm so glad I was able to capture it in this nice relaxed portrait. Erica and Rashad's wedding reception was at Colony 29 in Palm Springs. If you haven't checked out this venue for weddings and other celebrations, you are missing it. It is a gem. Built in the 1920's, it was designed to replicate a villa artist John Burham saw in Portugal. Artists were invited to visit and some took up residence. The peaceful and serene environment provided the perfect atmosphere for artists to create their work. Surrounded by nature and the spectacular views of the Coachella Valley it was a popular location. It fell into disrepair after Burham's death in 1956. In 1997 is was purchased and the new owners spent 13 years restoring it to it's original aesthetic and even added some more modern amenities. Today it is a hidden gem. Photographing weddings and events on this property with its meticulously maintained grounds and old European look and feel is a true joy.

This photograph radiates joy and elegance, capturing a groom in Palm Springs on what is undoubtedly one of the happiest days of his life. He stands confidently, a broad and genuine smile lighting up his face, embodying the excitement and happiness that a wedding day brings.

Dressed in a striking white tuxedo jacket, the groom exudes a timeless sophistication. The crisp, clean lines of the jacket contrast beautifully with his skin tone, while the classic black bow tie and matching black trousers complete his polished look. The white tuxedo jacket is a bold and elegant choice, standing out against the darker backdrop and symbolizing purity and celebration. The ensemble is further complemented by a neatly folded white dress shirt underneath, which adds to the formal and refined aesthetic.

A boutonniere adorns his left lapel, featuring a small yet vibrant combination of a white calla lily and a red rosebud, accented with greenery. This delicate floral arrangement adds a touch of romance and personalization to his attire, hinting at the love and meticulous planning that has gone into this special day. The boutonniere's colors subtly echo the natural surroundings and the celebratory atmosphere of Palm Springs.

The backdrop of the photograph features a wrought-iron gate, slightly ajar, which adds a sense of openness and welcome. The gate's intricate design contrasts with the simplicity of the groom's attire, creating an interesting visual dynamic. Through the gate, a glimpse of a charming, sunlit building can be seen, its stucco walls and terracotta tiles hinting at the iconic architecture of Palm Springs. This setting provides a sense of place, grounding the joyous occasion in a location known for its beauty and vibrant culture.

To the left of the groom, lush greenery climbs the gate, adding a touch of natural beauty and framing the scene with its soft, organic lines. The foliage’s deep green hues contrast with the groom's white jacket, enhancing the visual appeal of the image. The natural element brings life to the composition, suggesting that the celebration is set amidst a beautiful outdoor location, likely a garden or a scenic venue typical of Palm Springs.

The groom's posture is relaxed yet confident, with one hand casually tucked into his pocket. This ease in his stance, combined with his radiant smile, conveys a sense of happiness and anticipation. His demeanor suggests that he is ready and excited to embark on this new chapter of his life, surrounded by loved ones and in a place that holds significance for him and his partner.

In summary, this photograph encapsulates a moment of pure joy and elegance on a wedding day in Palm Springs. The groom’s stylish white tuxedo jacket and classic black tie, combined with his radiant smile and the charming backdrop, create a timeless image that speaks to the love, celebration, and significance of the occasion. The elements of nature, architecture, and personal style all come together harmoniously, making this a beautiful and memorable portrait of a groom on his special day.

Location: 815 S Camino Real, Palm Springs, CA 92264.

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