Colony Palms Hotel Wedding Photograper
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Colony Palms Hotel Wedding Photograper

Colony Palms Hotel has to be one of the deserts best kept secrets. This boutique hotel is just an absolute dream and SO perfect for private, intimate weddings. Nestled right in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, walking distance to literally everything, yet once inside the gates you would think you were in a different world. Decor by Martyn Lawrence Bullard is SO perfectly Palm Springs. The Colony Palms was originally built in 1936 and was called the Colonial House under owner Al Wertheimer, a mob boss and member of the Purple Gang. The highest prize awarded each year at the Cannes Film Festival inspired the name of the Palme d’Or Suite, part of a 2007 renovation. Kelda and Mark chose the hotel for their fabulous nuptials and it did not disappoint. Ceremony on the lawn with the San Jacinto mountains as the back drop, Aristan Events enhancing the beauty with their subtle and oh-so-elegant decor. Dinner under the stars around the pool and then on to dancing the night away inside the Purple Palm restaurant.

This intimate, black-and-white photograph beautifully captures the serene elegance of a bride at the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs. The image focuses on the bride's profile, specifically highlighting her exquisite hairstyle and accessories, creating a timeless and sophisticated portrait.

Her hair is styled in a refined updo, with soft, romantic waves framing the side of her face. The hair is meticulously swept back and twisted into a low bun at the nape of her neck, exuding an air of classic elegance. The soft waves that escape the updo add a touch of natural grace and femininity, contrasting with the structured bun's precision. This hairstyle perfectly complements the overall bridal look, enhancing her facial features and drawing attention to her delicate earrings.

Adorning her updo is a large, intricate hairpiece that combines both floral and feather elements. The flower, crafted from delicate fabric, sits gracefully within her bun, while wispy feathers fan out, adding a sense of lightness and movement to the composition. This accessory not only elevates the sophistication of her hairstyle but also adds a whimsical and ethereal quality to the image, capturing the essence of bridal beauty and creativity. The subtle shine and texture of the hairpiece contrast beautifully with the smooth, glossy finish of her hair, creating visual interest and depth.

Dangling from her ears are a pair of stunning, chandelier-style earrings. These intricate pieces of jewelry catch the light, their delicate design and sparkling stones drawing attention to the bride's elegant neck and shoulder line. The earrings, with their cascading arrangement of gems, add a touch of glamour and refinement to the overall look. They complement the softness of her hairstyle and the ethereal nature of the hairpiece, creating a harmonious balance between traditional elegance and modern sophistication.

The lace detail of her dress or shawl is just visible in the lower part of the frame, hinting at the intricacy and delicacy of her bridal attire. The lace, with its intricate patterns and soft texture, adds a layer of romanticism and timeless beauty to the portrait. The gentle contrast between the lace and her smooth skin enhances the image's visual texture, making it even more captivating.

The use of black-and-white photography adds a timeless and classic feel to the image. The monochromatic palette highlights the textures and contrasts within the photograph, such as the glossy hair, the soft feathers, the sparkling earrings, and the intricate lace. This choice also emphasizes the emotional and artistic qualities of the portrait, stripping away any distractions and focusing on the bride's serene beauty and the meticulous details of her ensemble.

In summary, this photograph is a masterful composition that captures the bride's elegance and the artistry of her bridal preparations. The focus on her sophisticated hairstyle, the intricate hairpiece, the sparkling earrings, and the delicate lace all work together to create a timeless and refined portrait. The image, with its classic black-and-white tones, not only highlights the bride's serene beauty but also evokes a sense of romance and timeless elegance, perfectly capturing the essence of a wedding day at the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs.

Location: 572 N Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262.

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