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Korakia Palm Springs Elopement photographer

Elopements are some of my favorite types of sessions. They are so personal and intimate. I as the photographer have a much more personal and important roll, not only am I often the only witness to their exchange of vows, besides the officiant of course, but I'm also the ONLY person there to record and document it for friends and family. Lena and David were SO much fun to work with. They were very excited about working with me and photographs were very important to them. Especially photographs on the Korakia property, which they fell in love with on a previous visit to Palm Springs. We spent over an hour exploring the whole property and shooting lovely images like this one. I love the tender moment shared by the newlyweds. The ceremony as held in the courtyard of the Orchard House which was originally built in 1918 and is an Adobe structure. The courtyard features a massive stone fireplace, a water feature, jacuzzi and lovely citrus grove.

Location: Korakia Pensione Palm Springs.

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