Wedding Photographer, Avalon Palm Springs
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Wedding Photographer, Avalon Palm Springs

Same Sex wedding at Avalon Hotel in Palm Springs. David and Tim got married at the Avalon Hotel, well, it was still the Viceroy Palm Springs at the time. These fine gentlemen were two of the loveliest human beings you could ever hope to meet. They were so kind and SO in love and dedicated to one another. We decided to do their couples portraits in a lovely desert area just off property in order to show their love of the desert. During couples portraits, I do direct and pose just a little bit. Just enough to make sure everyone looks their absolute best, but not so much that the subjects don't look and feel natural. I think it's very important not to OVER pose. These gentlemen looked so sharp and GQ, I wanted show them in sharp contrast to the jumble of desert rocks... I think this image really captures them both perfectly.

Location: Avalon Hotel, Palm Springs California.

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