Villa Royale portait photographer, Palm Springs Ca.
Christine Arnold Photography in Palm Springs

Villa Royale portait photographer, Palm Springs Ca.

The private courtyard with a gorgeous Spanish style fountain provided the space for this lovely image. Showing off Pams warm and friendly smile in a casual, seated pose with the light streaming in from behind. Very dramatic yet casual at the same time.

Pams blue dress is the perfect neutral option to really highlight her vibrant and warm personality.

In this inviting outdoor portrait, a woman exudes relaxed elegance as she sits on a stylish black wire chair. Her posture is casual yet poised, leaning slightly forward with one arm resting on a turquoise metal table. Her smile is warm and engaging, radiating a sense of contentment and ease.

She is dressed in a chic navy blue dress with ruffled sleeves, the same one seen in her previous portraits, which enhances her graceful silhouette. The dress's short length reveals her toned legs, and she complements her outfit with a pair of strappy, nude-colored sandals that add a touch of sophistication and lengthen her figure.

The setting is a charming garden or patio, surrounded by lush greenery and tall palm trees that provide a serene and tropical atmosphere. A striped black and white cushioned bench adds a playful yet modern touch to the scene, enhancing the overall aesthetic. The ground is paved with rustic tiles, contributing to the relaxed, comfortable vibe of the setting.

The light filtering through the trees creates a dappled effect, casting soft shadows and highlighting the natural textures around her. The background, with its rich greenery and occasional splashes of sunlight, creates a tranquil and inviting environment, perfectly framing her figure.

This portrait beautifully captures a moment of leisure and grace, showcasing the woman's elegance and the serene beauty of the outdoor setting. It conveys a sense of peace, relaxation, and timeless style.

Location: 1620 S Indian Trail, Palm Springs, CA 92264.