Wedding at Escena Golf Club
Christine Arnold Photography in Palm Springs

Wedding at Escena Golf Club

We photographed the bride and grooms portraits on the golf course at the fantastic Escena Gold Club in Palm Springs. The venue is a public golf course and with permission we gathered the bride and groom and family at the golf course for portraits before their ceremony and reception at the Saguaro Hotel. The golf course offers some of the most stunning views in Palm Springs. We had fun wandering over the property making fun and formal photographs. It was just before sunset, so it was the ideal light, so flattering and beautiful. The golf course that is not only well-groomed and impeccably maintained but also includes a stunning views. The Escena Golf Club does a wonderful job of combining championship golf with the classic Palm Springs desert setting we all know and love. The grill at the clubhouse is not your grandfathers golf club restaurant, it has very hip decor and the food and cocktails are super yummy!

The landscape really lends itself to vast, wide open images to really showcase the beauty of the environment and mountains in the background. I enjoy placing my brides and grooms in the golf course with sun behind them, the light is truly devine.

The ceremony and reception were held at the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs. Such a fun and hip hotel, every color of the rainbow is used at this venue!

Location: 1100 Clubhouse View Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262.

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