Family Photos ~ Palm Springs

Its that time guys…   time to start thinking about those yearly family photos!  I know it’s still eleventy million degrees outside, but fall is right around the corner and you’ll want to book your session soon.  Lets get those photos in time for Christmas!

This family was so adorable and funny and fun and charming and… and…  well, you get the idea.  LOL!  We captured some beautiful connections and portraits as well as some of the goofy fun ones that you can laugh at but love just as much as the perfect ones.

The Glazier family came to me by way of Danielle Pinkerton ( Pink Body Spa ) ~ such a lovely family!  We met up just outside Palm Springs, at the iconic sign.  We used the dramatic desert scenery as the backdrop, it was so gorgeous!

Three generations family photograph

Family photos, Palm Springs

Candid moments

Palm Springs portraits

Fun and funny moments

Clean and crisp portraits

All family members included


Photos at the palm Springs sign

And a few of those fun outtakes that I think are equally valuable as the “perfect” ones…  These are the ones you’ll look back on and have a good laugh.  I hope.  LOL!

The 3 generations

Dad and daughter

Sometimes photography requires a little tough love.  LOL!

Mother and Daughter

silly and goofy

Photographer: Christine Arnold

Location:  Palm Springs Ca. 

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Family Photos ~ Palm Springs

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