Miller Family Photos at the Hyatt Indian Wells

Bring me all of your fun, silly, crazy faces…  I love every last second of it!  The more silly you want to be the better the photos and the memories you are creating and saving!  Such a fun vacation for this family!  They decided that while they were in town and all together, which as we all know can be hard to accomplish with multiple families and kids and work and school etc…  they decided to do a relaxed and fun family session.  And I’m here for all the wackiness!!

I’m reminded of the Kris Kross song “Jump”

~The Mac Dad’ll make ya… JUMP JUMP

~Daddy Mac’ll make ya… JUMP JUMP

~Kris Kross’ll make ya… JUMP JUMP

Oh don’t worry, we got plenty of lovely “camera aware” photos as well.  Those are very important, but I do love to try to get the full range of your personalities and relationships with each other, those make such lovely memories and keepsakes for future generations.

This lovely family all came together at the Hyatt in Indian Wells for a long weekend vacation in the desert.  It was VERY hot and VERY humid, but I think you’ll agree these fabulous people did NOT let that stop them from enjoying each other as well as the photo session.  Take a look at all the fun!

Indian wells family photography on the golf course and park area

Family photos at Hyatt Indian Wells

Sweet moment with mom and daugher.  Family photosCasual family photos, Indian Wells Ca.

Fun and spontaneous moments

Lovely portraits at Hyatt Indian Wells

Relaxed portraits of grandkids in IW ca

Indian Wells photos of grandkids

Palm Desert family photographer

Lovely relaxed portraits at sunset in the desert

Desert candid photography, sunset photos

Silly portraits and groupings at family session in the desert

Fun and goofy portraits at golden hour photography

Desert family photography in Indian Wells, Ca.

Grown ups having fun at their photo session in the desert

Extended family photo session in Indian Wells California

Miller Family Photos at the Hyatt Indian Wells ~  The Hyatt is a gorgeous family friendly hotel in Indian Wells Ca.  If you love golf, they have that for you, just want to lounge by the pool with a fancy cocktail?  Done.  The views of the gorgeous desert mountains is hard to rival, it’s truly stunning.  Bring your family here for the weekend and give me a call, lets make YOU some super fun family photos!

Hyatt Hotel, Indian Wells

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