As the title of this blog post says, I am a Palm Springs Family Photographer…  I’m starting to book up for fall sessions already and I’m so excited!  It got me feeling nostalgic for some of my past families so I started looking through some of my folders of images.  There are SO many favorites, I’ve only chose a tiny handful for this post.  You’ll notice that most of them are more “candid”, or lifestyle shots.  I LOVE capturing YOU.  I love the unscripted moments, like when the youngest has had enough and stages a mutiny.  Or when you guys get silly or goofy and REALLY show me who you are.  THOSE are my absolute favorite photographs.  Are they perfect?  Absolutely not, and to be honest, thats what I love about them!  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely capture the lovely, camera aware holiday card photos as well.

So, I’m very excited for all the families I will get to document this fall.  Bring all of your fun and goofy and hilarious moments.  Lets document your family exactly as it is. The fun, the serious and the meltdowns, I’m here for it.  Lets SHINE!

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